African Team

    Your African team

    Anya Glushkova

    A certified IYENGAR® Yoga Teacher by the RIMYI in Pune, a former rhythmic gymnast, a trainer at World Class Romania, and a Master Trainer at Move On Fitness Education. With a BSc in Pedagogy, she is the only Fletcher Pilates® teacher officially registered in Romania and also the only Advanced Fletcher® Pilates provider in the country. Fletcher Pilates® is “the closest to the source”, a direct lineage from Joseph and Clara Pilates through their student Ron Fletcher. Plastic-free world defender, she loves cooking vegetarian, she has been a happy mum and Yoga practitioner for more than one decade. She is sharing what she loves and you can feel it.

    Julio D. Papi (Spain)

    A certified Iyengar® Yoga Teacher by the Ramamami Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute of Pune, a true “legend of fitness” that turned into yoga. He had been invited to work and teach in over 45 countries. With a BSc in Sport Sciences and BSc in Physiotherapy, as well as a black belt in Kyokushinkai Karate, with a presence in the Spanish and Romanian Karate National Teams, he is one of the most knowledgeable professionals in the fitness field today. His drive is the spread of intelligent movement for a better world and he personifies the evolution from fitness to yoga through effort, study, and love. His classes are full of details, dense and challenging, teaching students actions, and through action to build the power to reach the ultimate goal of yoga – true happiness.

    Micael Tanzborn

    Your local host. Born and raised, influenced and smitten by the East African “bug”.

    “The dream always reminded me of going, and eventually, I sold all I had in Sweden and packed my 8 bags and moved. Never regretted it.”

    Eva Politeo

    After acquiring degrees in medical studies and kinesiology, she went into a successful international career as an exercise coach. She is a European champion in Taekwondo, an outstanding coach and teacher, and a manager of the World Class Croatia. Eva will be your host and help every one of you that wants individual coaching, included in your “Spiritual Enlightenment Week” package.

    Ulf Bengtsson

    Your host in Dar es Salaam. After years of work, he identified East Africa with Tanzania and Kenya as the ultimate destinations for spiritual enlightenment travel, including yoga, Pilates, educations, and certification – all of this to be developed as a unique investment for humans to connect with themselves and find purpose, motivation and to inhale the spirit of god’s best day when he created this part of our wonderful planet.

    Ulf is a world-recognized celebrity and entrepreneur with his history as a world top-ranked bodybuilder and a teacher in sport science from the Royal College of Physical Education in Stockholm. He is not only the executive producer of this amazing spiritual travel experience, but he is also available as your coach to be booked on individual exercise programs with strength training as well as nutrition/diet plan.

    You have a chance to participate in a yoga retreat of the highest level possible at the White Sands Resort on the shores of the Indian Ocean.